Browser Extension

If you have encountered any problems while using the Alterdot browser extension then some of the answers below might have a solution for you.

Why is the browser extension not communicating with my local wallet?

Make sure that the RPC port together with the username and password from you alterdot.conf file are correctly set in the extension settings. By default, the port used by both the wallet and the extension is set to 31050. Remember that your alterdot.conf file must contain the line "server=1" in order to enable RPC requests.

Why is the browser extension not communicating with my local IPFS gateway?

The browser extension uses port 8080 by default in order to communicate with your local IPFS gateway. Check whether or not it is running on a different port such as 8081, especially if port 8080 of your localhost is already used up by a different application. If you are using the Brave browser which has an integrated IPFS node then a different port might be used, usually 48084.

Why is the toolbar not showing up?

The toolbar has to be enabled first by clicking the magnifying glass icon in your extension popup. After you have done that you should be able to see the toolbar appearing in the bottom right corner of your page. Keep in mind that the toolbar appears only when you are already visiting a website. On the landing page of your browser (i.e. you do not have a URL in your browser search bar) the toolbar will not show up.

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